Muddy River Poetry Review Guidelines

Reading dates for Muddy River Poetry Review are December 1 to March 1 for Spring Issue and June 1 to September 1 for Fall Issue. Poems received on other dates will be deleted.


2.No attachments. Please paste poems into body of email. Include a bio. Cover letter or note is optional.

3. Submit poems as follows:   Titles 14 pt. Times New Roman Bold   

                                                 Poems 12 pt. Times New Roman

4. When submitting in subject line write name, poetry submission (Example:  John Smith –Poetry Submission

5. Prefer free verse.

6. Do not want "mushy" or religious poems.

7. Do not want porno, sexist, racist or biased poetry relating to politics or ethnicity.

8. Simultaneous submissions okay, but please let me know which ones AND notify me immediately if any are accepted elsewhere.

9. Future publication of published poems should credit Muddy River Poetry Review.

10. Response time will be as close to 90 days as possible.

11. If you do not hear in 90 days, feel free to inquire.

12. Payment will be publication in MRPR.

13. Poems only accepted during open reading dates. Poems received on other dates will be deleted.

14. Submit all poems to [email protected] only. 

15. Poems will remain archived and may appear in an MRPR anthology online and/or in print.

16. All rights revert to author upon publication.

                                                                                                                        Updated  3/6/15